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Enterprise: Grade levels 11 and 12. AM sessions offered

Operate & manage the school coffee shop & the Pro Fit Student Businesswear Boutique

Develop valuable business management knowledge and skills

Work in teams with your peers and with industry professionals to complete projects.

Students in the Enterprise semester course will manage two established small businesses, King’s Café and Pro Fit Boutique. They will focus on marketing, operations, inventory control, and customer service. In addition, students will earn a yellow belt certification in Lean Six Sigma and utilize quality improvement tools to analyze waste and quality improvement.

Both classes

Students will have the chance to meet and work with local industry professionals and use similar computer applications including Google Docs, Slides, Presentation, and basic excel.  They will also develop valuable critical thinking, decision-making, problem-solving, and collaboration skills applicable to any career path

Talk to your counselor about taking a King Tech course.

ASD Credits

.5 Economics

.5 English Elective

.5 Elective

Now offering

3 college credits

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