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KTHS Student Businesses Pitch for AK Startup Week

Pictured: Tony Cox (Participant Award), Skriblz: Samuel Schmitt, Matt McDowell, Evan Silcox, & Logan Luna

Two companies from the King Tech Entrepreneurship program were invited to come down to Alaska Startup Weekend Pitch Competition and show off the work they've been doing in class.

Sticker company Skriblz & upcycled shopping bags Bag-boozled both jumped up in front of a room full of start up enthusiasts who were participating in the annual Alaska Startup Weekend event, and tried to earn their audience choice vote for their company. Skriblz won by a small margin and brought home a hefty cash prize to put toward their company operations and expansion.

"Everyone was so impressed with the professionalism and enthusiasm of the high school students. They were the highlight of the evening." Comments such as these have been shared with the program instructor, Stacy Miller.

"I always love to show the community what these young adults have to offer. When they are excited about what they are learning, and have a way to share it in a real world situation, they absolutely shine."

Bag-boozled was disappointed, but very supportive of their peers who scored the people's choice award. "I'm glad that they earned the cash since they have a plan of how they will use it to grow."

This kind of supportive business environment is exactly what the program is working to cultivate. Entrepreneurs supporting each other to benefit the economy overall.

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